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Financial Fair Hope

Decentralization and Democratization of the Distribution of Money

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The freedom and ingenuity spurred by the U.S. economy can easily be seen as the best ever in history-- looking at, say, Apple. At the same time, it can be so much better. Much, MUCH better. We are capable of so much more. Too many people left behind. Too many great ideas unrealized. If only we can embrace radical change. Fast! We need more people at the table, totally different people, helping to make decisions that impact far more lives across the board. Just like the cellphone has gone through major makeovers, time for our economy and financial system 3.0.

Share in making the world radically better. Read: Financial Fair Hope: Decentralization and Democratization of the Distribution of Money

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Table of Contents

On the Road to Financial Fair Hope 1
Fair? 6
Fairhope, Alabama 8
Who has the Money? Who Prints it? 12
Time for a Big Leap 16

Focus on Different Outcomes 20
Democracy in Finance 24
Decentralized Finance 28
Distribution of Money 33

Banking and Money 37
Why do we have Central Banks? 43
The Federal Reserve (“The Fed”) 48
“Quantitative Easing” 55
The Fed Can Buy Anything 59

Treasury Secretary 63
2008 Crisis 66

The Good in our System 74
Where did we go Wrong? 77
Problems to Fix 85
Income Imbalance and the Wealth Gap 91
Money vs. Capital 98
No More Cash: Bitcoin 102

Rise of Fiat Money 106
What Free Market? 110
The Fox Watching the Hen House 114
Rigging the “Markets” 120
The Casinos of Wall Street 128
Manipulated Economic Cycles 134
Controlling the Globe 139

Stagnant Wages 144
Universal Basic Income (UBI) 149
Work: The Future of Jobs 156
Workers Organizing 168
Restructuring Corporations 171
Broaden Ownership in Stocks 180
Beyond Corporations 185
Dividends for Americans 187
Close the Stock Market 189
End the New York Fed President 198
Close the Federal Reserve 200
Break up the Big Banks 209
Land and Real Estate 214
Unlocking Wealth, Money Velocity 221

Beyond Bitcoin; Beyond Money 226
Pritchard, Alabama 234
Religion in our Financial System 238
New Tracking Statistics 243
Beyond Retail: Building Big 245
Post-Consumption? 249
Paradoxes 251
Local vs Global 254
More Capitalism or More Socialism 257
Beyond Government as the Solution 260
Philanthropy, Volunteering and Giving 265

Utopia and Anarchy 270
Small-Scale Experimentation 275
Extreme, Radical Free Enterprise 277
The Gig Economy and Sharing 281
Nordic Model 284
Socialist Alternative and Progressives 286
Parallel Tracks 290
Radical Economic Improvement 292
The Collective 298

Frank Dialogue 303
Defining Terms for Conversation 306
Humanity, Love: New Terminology 312
Take Responsibility; Act Responsibly 320
Not Going to be Easy 323
Taking Action; Be Open! 325
Pulling it all together 328

Appendix 333
About the Author 335

Buy the book: Financial Fair Hope

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